This timetable has been approved by Their Majesties, however may still be subject to change.

8am Stewarding Team onsite and setting up.
9am: Site Opens
10am: Meet the Entrants & A&S Competition & Display Set-up.
10.30am: Invocation Court 
11am: Crown Tournament begins
12/12.30: Lunch Served
After CT: On field Investiture Court 
3pm: Peerage Meeting – Pelicans 
3pm: Boffer Tournament, Archery Comp, 
4pm: Peerage Meeting – Chivalry
5.30pm: Court 
6.30pm: Feast
7pm: Court

7am: Breakfast
8am/8.30am: Market Setup/Market Opens
9am: Peerage Meeting – MoDs
9.30am: Peerage Meeting – Laurels
1030am: Roses Tournament (Heavy & Rapier)
12.30pm: Lunch, Council of the Purse & Regalia meetings during lunch
1/1.30pm: Closing Court 
2pm: Site Closed