Saturday September 24th – Sunday September 25th 2022

Hosted by the Barony of Innilgard


The time has come for all noble combatants who would contest for the throne to prepare!

All those who would bear witness to the spectacle of honourable combat that will determine the Heirs to the Crown of Lochac shall make arrangements to visit the beautiful Barony of Innilgard for this Spring Crown Tournament!

There are few moments more heart-stopping than the final blow, striking true, that culminates in the transformative moment when a virtuous fighter may crown their worthy consort as Crown Prince or Princess!

Come join us and play a part in the Kingdom’s history on this momentous occasion!

Event Sites

Saturday (CrownTournament and Lochac Spring Festival): Campbelltown Function Centre – 172 Montacute Rd, Rostrevor SA 5073

Sunday (Rose Tournaments): Mellor Reserve – Brand St, Beulah Park SA 5067

Activities and Description

This Crown Tournament event aims to please with a fresh twist on a traditional Crown event. With a traditional outdoor tournament venue and nearby indoor cocktail-style evening spring festival and plentiful offering of Middle-Eastern based finger foods, we look forward to a glorious weekend of merriment.

Saturday – Campbelltown Function Centre – 172 Montacute Rd, Rostrevor SA 5073

Crown Tournament:

Armour inspection: 9:30 – 10am

Crown to meet with all contestants and consorts: 10:00am

Invocation Court and tournament start: from 10:30am

*There will be a 15-minute warm up after invocation court.

The format of the tournament shall be a single-kill, triple elimination tournament.

Due to the strong number of entrants, the tournament shall be held outdoors. Please pack accordingly.

Spare banner poles can be made available to borrow on request.

Please Note: The tournament will be live streamed for the Kingdom’s convenience. If you do not wish to be filmed, please contact the steward.

Kingdom Arts and Sciences Competitions:

Kingdom Competition #1: Heraldic

Kingdom Competition #2: Edible

Kingdom Competition #3: The Ancient World

To be judged on Saturday during the tournament. All physical entries should be submitted to the A&S coordinator before 10am Saturday September 24th for judging.

Entries will be on display in the hall for the day during judging. Entries should be cleared away no later than 4:30pm.

For all A&S enquiries, contact the A&S coordinator, Mistress Fionn at

The Pelt-a-Knight Cancer Council Fundraiser:

*Held at the conclusion of the tournament, directly after the heirs are wreathed.

The Barony of Innilgard has been shaken in recent years as many of our beloved members have been touched by cancer.

The Order of Chivalry honours those who have and continue to battle through their struggle with cancer by humbling themselves to brighten our future! The Pelt a Knight fundraiser offers the rare opportunity to throw squelchy ‘fruit’ at members of the Order of Chivalry for a donation to Cancer Council.

We will be supporting Cancer Council in their mission for a cancer free future, because 1 in 2 Australians will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime.

As we are sworn to protect the populace and there is no greater foe than cancer, we believe this is a worthy quest and ask for your support.

To donate bring cash or visit

Lochac Crown Spring Festival:

Festival Start: 6pm

Saturday evening shall feature a celebratory revel and feast in the style of a Spring Festival! The evening shall be filled with games, dance, roving entertainment and merriment!

The menu for the evening will be an array of Middle Eastern finger foods. Food will be served casually in a cocktail/smorgasbord fashion.

Table seating will be limited by design so please pack light. Roving the venue is encouraged.

A plate and cup are all the feasting gear that is needed! There will be ample seating in a range of lounges and arrangements. The ambiance is designed to be explored and enjoyed. Please try to reserve table seating for those that require it.

Activities for the evening include:

  • Evening markets
  • Dance
  • Song and storytelling from over 15 performers!
  • Games

*Please see the menu included in your token bag. A full ingredients list is available upon request from the kitchen.

As all food is served in single portions, all containers or waste products are fully compostable. Please use compost bins provided for food waste.

Spring Festival Market:

During the Spring Festival there will be a small selection of merchants offering delightful wares!

SundayMellor Reserve – Brand St, Beulah Park SA 5067

Kingdom A&S Showcase:

Set up: 9:30am

Have you made something you’re proud of that you’d like to show off, but don’t want to enter a competition? The Kingdom Arts & Sciences Showcase is an opportunity to do so!

All entries are welcome, from your first time trying a new skill to an example of something you’re proud to have mastered. You don’t have to include any documentation, although if you’d like to share your research, you’re welcome to do so! This is your opportunity to show your work to the Kingdom.

Sunday Rose Tournaments:

Armour inspection: 9:30am – 10am

Tournament Start: 11am

The Ladies of the Rose and Coronaria invite all to bare witness to the traditional post-Crown Tournament Rose Tournament! Sunday will boast rose tournaments in both Armoured and Rapier combat. All combatants are challenged to attend the field and win roses for their inspiration!

Sunday War Lord Melee Tournaments:

Tournament Start: 1:30pm

After lunch on Sunday there will be melee tournaments in both Armoured and Rapier combat in the ‘war lord’ format, for the entertainment of the populous!

Event Timetable

Full Event Menu

Art by Lord Federyc de Herle

Saturday Lunch:

3 options Beef / Chicken / Vegetarian

Each one will include a portion of meat or Eggs (or none)

Fresh cut vegetables with a serve of Himmas kassa (chickpea dip);

Labneh Balls (soft cheese made from Greek yoghurt) or cheese and olives;

Flat bread and dried fruit

Vegetable pottage (v, gf, df)

Lochac Spring Festival:

* Cocktail style service and booth-displayed foods in the style of a spring festival. Single-serve size finger foods from predominantly Middle-Eastern recipes.

Funges in pastry (mushrooms in pastries) (v)

Quiches (V)

Cormarye pork (pork pieces in wine) (gf, df)

Keftedes (like koftas)  (gf, df)

Frytours of herbs and onions; fritters of vegetables (seasonal ) (v)

Chicken and rice balls (gf, df)

Rolls of fleshe (pork and honey sausage rolls)

Fesenjan  (Persian chicken) (gf, df)

Sweet tarts custard; fruit

Zulābiyya (fried sweet dough) (v)

Hais (date balls) (df, v)

Sunday Lunch:

Sausages in bread

Onion and apple soup (v, df, gf)

Leftovers if any

Bowls of fresh fruit ; sweet biscuits for Morning Tea Daily (v)

Accommodation and Amenities

Billeting: Some billeting with local members will be available upon requested for visitors. (Availability limited. Request via the booking form.) Otherwise, both event locations are very close to Adelaide proper and close to a range of commercial accommodation.

Transport: Campbelltown Function Centre is a short 20-25min drive from the center of Adelaide and easily accessible by bus. (Bus route 178, running every half hour.)

Mellor Reserve is a very quick 10 – 20 minutes commute by car from the city, again with good access to public transport with multiple bus routes taking 30 mins or less. (Bus route H20 or H30S, running every half hour.)

Nearby Amenities: Hospitals, fuel, supermarkets, chemists, liquor stores, hardware and camping stores are available within short distances from both venues.

Campbelltown Community Centre is located in a busy area, 3 minutes drive away from Newton Village Shopping Centre, 299 Montacute Rd, Newton, which has a Coles, Woolworths and BWS as well as Newton Pharmacy. Alternatively please see other available vendors below;

Grocery Stores:

  • Romeo’s Foodland, 161 St Bernards Rd, Rostrevor (3 minutes)
  • Romeo’s IGA Food Hall Campbelltown, 610 Lower North East Rd, Campbelltown (6 minutes)

Bottle Shops:

  • BWS Newton Central, Cnr Gorge Rd and Newton rd, Newton (4 minutes)
  • Cellarbrations, 241 Gorge Rd, Newton (4 minutes)
  • Sip’nSave, 492 Payneham Rd, Glynde (5 minutes)

Petrol Stations:

  • BP, 232 St Bernards Rd, Hectorville (2 minutes)
  • Shell Coles Express Hectorville – 150 Montacute Rd, Hectorville (4 Minutes)
  • Ampol Foodary Campbelltown, 542 Lower North East Rd, Campbelltown (4 minutes)

Hospital: Royal Adelaide Hospital Emergency Room (20-25min)

Sunday’s venue is 10 minutes from these destinations and under 5 minutes from local shops and amenities.

Additional Attractions:

If you are planning on staying longer in Adelaide, reach out to the locals for recommendations on our many fabulous attractions!

Adelaide is fortunate to be girt by two exceptional wine regions, MacLaren Vale and the Barossa. With a plethora of wineries and fine dining options. We have something to please any foodie or wine enthusiast.

The Adelaide Zoo is only 25 minutes from both event sites. We boast being the only zoo in Australia with the illustrious Giant Pandas, which are not that entertaining, but they are adorable! Other animal lovers may like to visit Cleland Wildlife Park. Located only 30 minutes outside of Adelaide, at Cleland you can pat Australian fauna to your heart’s content. Great for families.

The Team

STEWARDSir Eva Von Danzig (She/Her)
CATERING STEWARDThe Honourable Lady Nicholette du Colours (She/Her)
DEPUTY STEWARDThe Honourable Lady Sorcha la Breton (She/Her)
ASSISSTANT DEPUTY STEWARDMistress Fionnabhair inghean ui Mheadhra (She/Her)
BOOKINGSSir Eva Von Danzig (She/Her)
DUTY CONSTABLELady Ari Egilldottir (She/Her)
DUTY HERALD Lord Tobias Chester (He/Him)
MARSHAL IN CHARGEDuchess Mari Alexander (She/Her)
LISTSLady Kaczna of Bohemia (She/Her)
A&S COORDINATORMistress Fionnabhair inghean ui Mheadhra (She/Her)
RAPIER MARSHAL IN CHARGEMaster Yevan de Leeds (He/Him)
BILLETING COORDINATORThe Honourable Lady Sorcha la Breton (She/Her)
MISTRESS OF HALL SET UPViscountess Ingerith Ryzka (She/Her)
ROYAL LIAISONBaron Haos Windchaser (He/Him) and Baroness Bryony Beehyrd (She/Her)

As a general reminder, we ask that if you are unwell, please do not attend. All cancellations due to covid-19 will be fully refunded.