November Crown 2019: Timetable

Friday, 8th November, 2019.
From the Stewards – We arranged cooler weather for you, but they threw in some extra wind…
Greetings Crown Attendees.
It’s pretty windy in Sydney at the moment and that is playing havoc with mundane travel arrangements, potentially also with the timing for this event. We currently don’t have any information to help you and won’t know until we understand the extent of the delays tomorrow. Please be patient and flexible as this timetable may need to be adjusted.

This timetable has been approved by Their Majesties, however may still be subject to change.

8am Stewarding Team onsite and setting up.
9am: Site Opens
10am: Meet the Entrants & A&S Competition & Display Set-up.
10.30am: Invocation Court 
11am: Crown Tournament begins
12/12.30: Lunch Served
After CT: On field Investiture Court 
3pm: Peerage Meeting – Pelicans 
3pm: Boffer Tournament, Archery Comp (Part 1), 
4pm: Peerage Meeting – Chivalry
5.30pm: Court 
6.30pm: Feast
7pm: Court

7am: Breakfast
8am/8.30am: Market Setup/Market Opens
9am: Peerage Meeting – MoDs
9am: Archery Competition (Part 2)
9.30am: Peerage Meeting – Laurels
1030am: Roses Tournament (Heavy & Rapier)
12.30pm: Lunch, Council of the Purse & Regalia meetings during lunch
1/1.30pm: Closing Court 
2pm: Site Closed