November Crown 2019: For the Wee-Ones

We are planning all sorts of shenanigans for our younger folk and Lady Anne is working on some activities that will keep them occupied. Please, if your child is attending an activity, ensure that a parent accompanies them if they are very small, or that your children are able to find you easily if they are not so small. Please be advised that this is not a creche service.

Lord Ranif will be holding target archery on Saturday and a monster hunt on Sunday!
We will have Pennant Making on Saturday, Storytime/Quiet Time, Dress the Barbie, Heraldry Scavenger Hunt.

The Kingdom A&S Competitions now include a youth category! The Youth A&S Competitions for November Crown are the same as the adult competitions and are as follows: 1) “Cheap & Cheerful”, 2) “Wooden”, 3) Norse Culture. Lady Ringwar Northwood will be co-ordinating the Youth A&S Comps for this event.